Higher Power.

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Our nation, every single day, requires that students in schools recite the pledge of allegiance. Well, I don’t actually know what happens anymore. Some schools require it, some allow students to remain seated if they believe differently, yada yada yada. As far as I know, it still mostly happens. This mundane, repetitive and often inconsequential start to each school day has been the subject of some fierce discussion. Why? Because in one obvious way, it is a statement of belief. We say “One nation, under God“. Interesting, isn’t it? Children beginning at age 5 are daily required to affirm their belief in a higher power. The pledge of allegiance shouldn’t cause any problems. It doesn’t define the God, state his (or her) name, or demand a particular form of worship. The end of the pledge itself defends its neutrality towards God.. with “liberty and justice for all”. Even if you don’t believe in God, you can believe in something, let’s say “science or reason”, call that God, and the pledge of allegiance is the same. “One nation, under <insert your understanding of God>, indivisible…”

When you recite the pledge of allegiance, though, no matter what God you believe in, you are affirming that there is a higher power. It’s “under God”, remember? Something is in control. Something, somewhere, governs us, even if you believe it is simply science.  I believe that there is a higher power. I believe it is a person, and even more so, I believe that that person is my Father. You may feel differently, but I think that the most endearing form of higher power imaginable is one that loves me perfectly, desires my happiness, and is constantly seeking to help me progress. I believe that He loves me, and that He knows me. I won’t even mention Him without using capital letters, just out of respect! I pray to Him, and I know He will answer. (Prayer will likely be next week’s topic, in case you were wondering).

What do you believe? What “higher power” do you serve? What is he/she/it like? How did you come to believe in that higher power? Can you think of an experience when you felt   that higher power’s presence in your life? Please share your comments below. Remember, every one who reads is encouraged to engage by stating what they believe below. No one will be ridiculed, argued with, or hated. (If your comments are of that nature, say goodbye to this blog:).  We are all here to learn, and to listen to what you have to say.