Welcome! I am glad that you are here. This is the place to come and learn about what you believe. That’s right… what do you believe? Belief is a powerful word. It’s more than feel. It’s more than opinion. We have opinions about lots of things. In my opinion, mayonnaise is disgusting. Honestly, look at it! But that opinion doesn’t matter much, because after all, it’s just a condiment. Belief is something entirely different. Belief deals with matters of the heart. Likely you have had experiences or conversations which brought up in your heart a “belief” of yours perhaps you didn’t even know you had. Somehow, somewhere, all of us formed these beliefs. Beliefs about ourselves, beliefs about God, beliefs about the world.

My question to you today, is what do you believe, and why?

This blog will continually bring up a topic, a new one every Monday morning, and ask you to ponder the question…. what do you believe? These topics will often be controversial. But then again, why do we say controversy? Because topics like religion and politics all hover around that magical word… belief. The dictionary says controversy comes from disputation in  opinion. If that is true, then I have misspoken, because this blog will be different than controversy in two distinct ways. One, this blog has not been started to cause “disputations”, because I believe that disputations aren’t good, ever. And second, this is not a blog that discusses opinion, this is where we will discuss belief. That being said, let me correct my previous error. The topics introduced in this blog will often be engaging, not controversial. You will be exposed to what I believe, but I will never force my belief on you. My goal is that on a weekly basis you will seriously evaluate what you believe, and that you develop for yourself a more solid foundation on which you can build your life. Remember, “belief” is a powerful word. Emotions and opinions can only get you so far. I believe that true belief is the most powerful motivator for all human action. I believe in belief.

In an effort to help you develop your own beliefs, or refine them, I would ask that you respond to each post in the comments. Put your belief into words, and write it down. Everyone that reads this blog should write down in a comment what they believe about the topic for the week. Do not be argumentative, cruel, or demeaning towards others. If any of your comments turn into disputations, they will be removed. Remember, we are here to learn. Other people have different beliefs. You will often disagree. But do NOT contend with them. Learn from them. That’s right, learn from those who you disagree with! Think to yourself….”I absolutely disagree with that person…. why? What do I believe?” That is the point. Enjoy!


What do you believe?

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