Chick-fil-A Controversy

Often people tend to disagree because they see things differently, even though they are looking at the same thing.

For example, I see a homeless person, and instinctively wish to help. Others can walk by that same person, and say “He brought upon himself his own misery. I won’t help.”

Two people see the same thing…. but feel differently. The question is, who is right? Should the homeless person be helped, or is he guilty of his own actions and does he deserve to remain helpless?

Let me use the previous analogy to explain how I feel about what is going on with Chick-fil-A. I have read Dan Cathy’s comments. In a nutshell, he says “I don’t support gay marriage, and I want to protect traditional marriage”. I see those words and think that he has an opinion, nothing more. Others see those words and say “He is anti-gay. He hates gays”.

I personally don’t see hate in those words. It is an expression of belief. For example, I don’t believe that people should drink alcohol, period. Not even a drop. But that doesn’t mean I hate people who drink it. I just don’t agree with their actions. The reason this gets so twisted in the discussion of gay-marriage or any issue pertaining to homosexuality for that matter, is because unlike my previous example, the gay community don’t feel like they are “choosing” to be gay, but that they are gay.  So, it’s like me not agreeing with drinking alcohol, but someone comes up to me saying “I was born with this condition that requires me to drink alcohol regularly”. Now how do I respond to this situation?

I only brought up the example in the previous paragraph because THAT is the real discussion. The real question that everyone wants answered, but no one talks about. The real question of whether its a civil, religious, or political issue, is whether or not we are talking about people who are “born” a certain way, or people continue to choose to live a certain way. I won’t attempt to address that topic here, perhaps another day.

Back to Chick-fil-A. I don’t believe Dan Cathy meant any hatred in his radio interview. I just think he gets sucked into the group of people who DO hate, which is unfair. Yes, there are people who don’t support gay marriage who are hateful, bigoted, and judgmental. But let’s give Dan Cathy the benefit of the doubt, since he never used the word “hate” in response to his questions in the entire interview.

But what about the groups Chick-fil-A funds? Aren’t they anti-gay? Doesn’t that mean he hates gays? And is intolerant? Again, two people see the same thing and view it differently. I view the “Marriage and Family Legacy Fund” (one of the organizations Chick-fil-A donated to in 2009) as a fund whose purpose is to pay for media campaigns that promote traditional marriage. I have read their executive summary. You can google it. Others, however, see the group as “anti-gay” and “hateful”.  So Chick-fil-A is either donating to a cause that is not filled with hate, or donating to a cause that IS filled with hate. Which is it? Again, people interpret it how they want.

There is much more to be said about this all, but to be brief, I would like to conclude with a religious theme.

The questions raised above “Who is right?” and “Which is it?” can be answered in many different ways by  many different people. Essentially, the same question can be asked of all matters. Is whole wheat good for you or bad for you? Is the Catholic church true, or is the Baptist church true, or neither? Are tattoos appropriate or not? Are gays born gay, do they choose to be gay, or is it a mixture of both? Is sex before marriage appropriate or not?  On and on the list goes…. what is right? Which is it? Who is right?

Do you see the problem? The world spins around each day in a “war of words, and a tumult of opinions. right? Or are they all wrong together?”

I believe that one must come to know truth by knowing God. I believe that if you really want to know,  He will reveal to you the truth of all things. Pray and ask, and you can know. If you don’t know who you are praying to, pray anyway. I believe that God exists, and that He knows all truth, and reveals it to His children. Were it not so, this war of opinions would be irrelevant, because there would be no truth, right, wrong, or any standard by which to govern our world. I believe there is right, wrong, truth, and law. And I believe that only the humble seeker of truth and happiness will find the answers.

What do you believe?