O say, what is truth?

My post this week is slightly delayed. I sincerely apologize. Again, if you are reading this for the first time, see the Purpose tab.

The topic today has to do with truth. The question that will be discussed is “Is there absolute truth?”. I think this is an interesting topic, and one that is highly debated/discussed among those that are seekers of truth, and those who wonder about religion and faith in general.

When I lived in Boise, ID last summer, I met someone who was extremely intrigued by churches claims that they had the “truth”. He asked me “If one church says they have the truth, and the other says THEY have the truth, what is the truth? I want to know the TRUTH”. I think that is an extremely poignant observation. What is to be concluded by differing claims of truth? Is there absolute truth in the first place, or is truth relative? Can some things be true for me and not true for you? If there is absolute truth, how can we find it? Who has the authority to say what truth is and what it is not?

For sake of brevity, I won’t attempt to answer all of the questions above, or explain every detail of what I believe regarding truth, but I will say this: I believe in absolute truth. Truth, to me, is fundamental. As an example, think of gravity. It affects everyone the same (watch different objects fall in a vacuum), and ALWAYS produces the same results. No one is exempt from its universal power. It is a fundamental building block of everyone’s life, and all are subject to it. Nothing anyone can say is able to deny the existence of this universal force.

Now, the man in Boise wasn’t discussing scientific truths, he was concerned about spiritual truth. But to him, and to those reading this blog, I respond that there is absolute spiritual truth that affects us all, and is relevant to us all, just like gravity. I believe that God exists. I don’t believe He exists for me, or for some groups of people, but for ALL. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of everyone who has ever lived or will live on this planet. One name for Christ is the “truth”. I think that is interesting, because He declared while on this earth that He is the only way by which to return to God. I believe that. Due to the nature of truth, that means that there are absolutes, which are hard for some people to accept. If someone says “I don’t believe in Jesus Christ, but you do, who is right?” I would respond with “Let’s not discuss right or wrong, let’s discuss truth. If it is true that he lived, and was the Son of God, then His teachings are universal to all ¬†humankind. All must come to find out whether or not that is true”.

I believe the source of all truth is God, our Eternal Father. If it were not so, then there would be no way to know what is true and what is not. There must be a standard, else truth is relative and not truth at all. I believe that we can pray to God and ask Him what the truth is, and He will ALWAYS reveal it to us. I have done this, and I have come to learn of things that are true. I invite all those who are seeking truth to ask God in faith, and he will reveal unto you the truth of all things. He can’t reveal different truth to different people. He can’t say “Jesus is the Christ” to one and “Jesus is not the Christ” to another. He must be the same source of perfect truth to all, or we have no way to determine spiritual truth.

What do you believe? Do you believe in absolute truth? If so, how do you find it? What effect does spiritual truth have on your life? Does it effect the way you live? Please comment below.


2 thoughts on “O say, what is truth?

  1. Ah, what a lovely site this is. Love your question of the week, Truth, and your good comments on it. I want to start by putting in here a saying that I created some years ago from my observations, and I often use it. This is my basic understanding of Truth. And as luck would have it, today I’m wearing an old tee shirt where I embroidered my saying:
    (Leah Rae Lake)
    I do agree that Truth comes from God, and on that ‘level’ of divine wholeness it is Absolute Truth. As it reaches the human mind, however, the primary problem is one of perception. We cannot perceive accurately that which we are unable to understand. From this perspective, looking ‘up’ at Truth from our logical understanding, it can be said that truth is ‘relative’. From this point, virtually everything is relative!

    For those centered in their higher or soul consciousness, Truth becomes more (but not yet totally) empirical. I think Truth is an aspect of an eternal trinity of The Good, The True and The Beautiful. These are equally valid entries to the Path. People of other religions or cultures may prefer one of the other ways to God, and they are all valid. Truth is just one way, but clearly it is our preferred way in this religion, in this country, at this time. As it happens, Truth is also my preferred approach to divinity.

    When the Christ made his profound declaration near the end of Jesus’ life, he spoke as the soul when he realized and said “I and the Father are One”. I think that was a moment of awareness of Absolute or Divine Truth which he was finally able to perceive. I think absolute truth exists as a reality as it is a significant aspect of the nature of Divinity, and I also think few (perhaps none) can as yet grasp the wholeness of it. I think absolute truth deals exclusively with Wholes, not parts; with Life, not its processes; with Spirit, not its adherents. Sorry that’s a bit awkward to say exactly what you think there.

    As we become comfortable with our own relatively abstract higher mind, we learn to focus within the context of this elegant abstraction where time, space and truth are relative not absolute. As we learn, and as we go about our daily business, absolutely nothing changes but our perspective. However, our point-of-view is increasingly adjusted by recognized oneness as our intelligence is transformed by acceptance of that perspective.

    We live in a very big world, and where other religions are concerned, I particularly like this quote in light of the Internet and Google, etc. “We are now one people. The heritage of any race lies open to another; the best thought of the centuries is available for all; and ancient techniques and modern methods must meet and interchange. Each will have to modify its mode of presentation (Eastern and Western) and each will have to make an effort to understand the underlying spirit which has produced a peculiar phraseology and imagery, but when these concessions are made, a structure of truth will be found to emerge which will embody the spirit of [this] Age.” From Intellect to Intuition, A. A. Bailey.

    Thanks again, so much. Look forward to reading your blog and other responses.

  2. Sorry it has taken me so long to get on board with this blog, because I LOVE the idea. I will hopefully be a more frequent poster in the future.
    As for my beliefs:

    I have a habit of being rather short and blunt when it comes to spiritual things (actually when it comes to most things except baseball and politics probably, but you get the point). I believe in absolute truth and the capability of every human being on the planet to attain it. I believe that there is a reason that we are here on this earth, and that reason is an absolute truth in and of itself. I believe that we would not be here, were it not for absolute truth. However, I believe that the acquiring of absolute truth is a process that most people, myself included, are not accustomed to. When I woke up this morning I could tell that it was morning because the sun was rising in the east. Tonight I will lay down to sleep when the sun dips behind the horizon in the west. I know that this pattern will repeat itself tomorrow. I know this. It is truth. Or is it? What if the sun does not come up tomorrow? What if does not go down tonight? I could sit here and hypothesize about these questions all night, or I could just KNOW that the sun will come up tomorrow and consequently go to sleep tonight without a care in the world. That is truth. Truth, to me, does not mean that something has been proven right. Truth, to me, is something that you personally have come to ACCEPT is right. When I ACCEPT that the Atonement of Jesus Christ has the power to cleanse me from my sins, then that becomes truth to me. Therefore, in a round about way, Truth is Faith. And faith……well, faith is everything.

    Thanks for doing this Cliff. Love you buddy! See you all next week!

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